Mat Daly is an artist living and working in the great City of Chicago. In the past 10 years Mat's screen printed posters have become a mainstay of the Chicago indie music, art, and craft scenes as well as covering the walls (indeed maybe bathroom walls) of rock clubs, record stores and galleries across the US and abroad. In addition to being the principal poster designer for the nationally acclaimed Renegade Craft Fair, Mat's past clients range from The MoMA, NYC to The Hideout, Chicago. Mat is currently working on a new body of fine art prints and paintings as well as operating his newly named enterprise WORKSPACE. WORKSPACE is a screen print studio specializing in the creation of superior quality screen printed editions of YOUR artwork or design. While www.workspaceprints.com is under constructions, interested parties please get in touch via the CONTACT section of the site.


Mat's journey into printmaking and painting began in Pittsburgh at Carnegie Mellon University in the late nineties but really began to flourish after his relocation to Chicago in 1999. Here he learned Screen Printing from now iconic Chicago poster artists Steve Walters at Screwball Press and Jay Ryan at The Bird Machine. From 1999 through the end of 2007 Mat worked as master printer for The Bird Machine and produced the vast majority of Jay Ryan's screen printed work during that period. As he honed his craft printing for Jay and others Mat experimented with different visual and technical approaches in his own prints and paintings. Over time, these experiments led to the creation of an unique and expressive visual style informed as much by impressionism and japanese block printing as by a fascination with the way digital images break apart into simple colored blocks as you zoom into them. Mat's current work explores the visual re-creation of memories, mostly of natural spaces and landscapes. In it he hopes to capture the energy and vibration of a space or situation as experienced through the emotionally distorting lens of memory.


All of Mat Daly's screen printed images are produced from hand cut stencils made primarily from pencil drawings. This process is rather time consuming, yet extremely rewarding.