Silkscreen is a messy and imprecise process. During the course of printing the different color layers, many test prints are pulled, either as color tests, or to clear grit out of the screen. After a while, the random sampling of colored fields, shapes, and bits of text on these test prints "evolve" into a wholly unique image. The test prints are pulled from circulation only upon reaching their Absolute Maximum Potential (aka the point at which no more pink blobs can be added without compromising the "composition" of the collage). As a result of their dozens of runs through the press, some of these monoprints receive fair amounts of wear and tear, though none of the prints that end up on the site are unreasonable damaged. They may have fingerprints, ink smudges, pencil drawings, or be printed on the backside of another poster, all of which, I think, adds to their individuality. Each Testprint is a completely unique signed edition of 1.